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How We Do It

How you do something is equally as important if not more important than what you do. At Inspirations we believe our blended approach to learning is often what sets us apart – it's about having a properly designed mix of methods, designed to meet your specific needs with blended thinking all the way through.

Our methodology is underpinned by:

  • Less content, more context, practice and coaching
  • Making complexity simple
  • Ensuring the focus is on being pragmatic, practical and experiential

We make sure every individual we work with:

  • Understands the theory behind the learning
  • Can recognise how learning applies back at work
  • Gets plenty of opportunity to practise, experience and apply the theory to their individual circumstances
  • Receives targeted, honest and personalised feedback and coaching in a safe and consequence free environment

Here's a snippet of some of our approaches to blended learning.

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Inspirations Learning & Development - How We Do It

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